Secure and space-saving storage systems for metal sheets and profiles

Electrically controlled rack and drawers for compact storage and direct access with loading crane

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Dimensions of the roll out cantilever rack
Dimensions of the roll out cantilever rack

Efficient storage and handling of metal sheets in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized metal, …

Roll out cantilever rack automated

Increases loading capacity: space-saving storage method

Only 1 aisle is required for multiple racks

Roll out cantilever rack automated

Compact, well-structured storage system

The number of drawers and the loading capacity are chosen by the customer

Roll out cantilever rack automated

Completely extendable drawers

Ideal for the transport of profiles with a loading crane

Compact storage of aluminum profiles, stainless steel, hollow sections, iron angels, etc. in rolling out drawers

The automated roll-out cantilever rack is a combination of several roll out cantilever racks, mounted on rails. The racks move on these rails and are operated electrically. This system is suitable for compact storage of all types of long profiles, just like the standard roll-out cantilever rack . This motorised rack allows you to orderly store pipes, profiles, bars, hollow sections, bars, flat iron…
Materials of 3, 6, 12, 15 or even 20 meters can be stored in this automated rack, just like the regular roll-out cantilever rack. The customer chooses the number of racks on the rails, the amount of drawers, and the loading capacity, the depth and the height of each drawer. Accordingly, the system is completely adjusted to the client’s needs.

Double the loading capacity of your infrastructure

This automated roll out cantilever rack boasts an extra advantage, next to the benefits or the regular roll out rack : it significantly decreases the required floor space. This innovative model requires only one aisle, whereas the immovable racks need an aisle between each two racks. Accordingly, an equal amount of racks can be set on half the surface, which reduces costs considerably. Of course, this advantage can be used the other way: you can double the amount of racks on the same surface. This allows you to double the storage capacity without having to invest in structural changes. You can choose to operate the roll-out drawers manually (with a handle) or electrically. The electrical operation simply requires a push on the button to extract the drawer from the rack. If you opt for manual operation, you choose to roll out the drawer with a crank. Full access to your long profiles is ensured by the completely extendable drawers. When the drawer is extended from the rack, you can easily load or unload your profiles with a loading crane. Only one person is required to execute this handling. Therefore, this system provides a safe and fast way of working.

Electrically moving the roll out racks with the remote control

A considerable amount of space can be saved by placing several cantilever racks next to each other. Only one aisle is needed, instead of an aisle between each two racks. The aisle is very broad, providing enough space to safely work with a loading crane. The loading work is safely done in one smooth movement. The racks are equipped with sensors, guaranteeing your safety: as soon as someone enters the aisle, the racks will stop moving.