Secure and space-saving storage systems for metal sheets and profiles

Efficiënt storage of steel profiles, pipes and beams for immediate access with the loading crane

Roll out cantilever rack 1


Lengths of 3 - 6 - 12 - 15 - 20 m

Roll out cantilever rack  2


100% extendable

Roll out cantilever rack  3


Safe and easy

Cantilever pivoting arms 4


Per drawer: determined by client

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Store profiles in roll-out drawers for direct access with loading crane

Dimensions of the roll out cantilever rack Dimensions of the roll out cantilever rack

Space- and time-saving roll out rack for profiles in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized metal, …

Roll out cantilever rack

Increases loading capacity: space-saving storage method

Only 1 aisle is required for multiple racks

Roll out cantilever rack

Compact, well-structured storage system

The number of drawers and the loading capacity are chosen by the customer

Roll out cantilever rack

Completely extendable drawers

Ideal for the transport of profiles with a loading crane

Compact storage of aluminum profiles, stainless steel, hollow sections, iron angels, etc. in rolling out drawers

All types of long profiles can be stored conveniently and compactly in this roll-out cantilever rack. This rack provides you with a well-structured system to store pipes, bars, hollow sections, flat iron, strips… With the crank, you can extend the arms completely, guaranteeing full access to each profile. The easy handling –it is executed in one swift movement- and the full access to the drawer make sure that this rack is the best solution for the storage of your profiles.

Transport of steel profiles, pipes and flat iron with a crane from the roll-out cantilever rack

With a handle and little effort, the desired drawer is extended from the rack. Due to these fully extendable drawers, direct access to each profile is ensured. Accordingly, the loading or unloading of long materials is done safely and easily. If you prefer extracting the drawers manually instead of mechanically (with a handle), have a look at our storage of profiles with extractable drawers.

Fully extendable drawers = complete access to your profiles, tubes, pipes, hollow sections, bars, …

This user-friendly rack requires only 1 person to execute the handling. The operator can extend the drawer with little effort. Even if the drawer is heavily loaded, the task requires little energy and time. Full access to each long profile is guaranteed by the fully extendable drawers. When the drawer is extended, the operator can use the loading crane to easily lift profiles, pipes or bars. This rack is a safe and easy solution for storing your long iron materials, since the handling is performed in only one movement and since the drawer is opened completely outside the rack.